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Respect the Wild

The winter has brought some of our county’s most distinguished members down for the mountaintops and to the forefront of our minds. Elk and deer are everywhere. And with them comes an opportunity to educate and reset attitudes toward our four-legged neighbors.

The elk and deer in Eagle County represent a pride point for many. They are also an essential part of a complicated and interconnected ecosystem. Life as an ungulate has never been easy, but living around humans poses challenges, especially with the changing of seasons and life cycles.

Take the pledge to do your part to preserver our herds!  We believe if we keep our dogs on leashes, respect trail closures, and leave wildlife alone, we can help these majestic animals survive and thrive for generations to come.

We’re not asking you to stop getting outside, hiking, biking, fat biking, nordic skiing, snowshoeing, or walking your dog. We believe that you should continue to get outdoors. All we are asking is you are wildlife aware in your day-to-day activities by taking a pledge to change a few small behaviors.

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